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In order to bring you all the NotP news on a single page, we're joining forces with Stephan from the German fan page. This will allow us to bring you all the news from all the different tours on a single page.

From now on, you'll be able to reach us though (for now, only in German, other languages will follow) for the latest updates about NotP.


NOTP Antwerp is ready for the next 30 years! The press conference in Antwerp

A lot of heavy NOTP fans were rather surprised by the announced restyling of the Night of the Proms concerts in Antwerp, and that’s why we went with a lot of interest to the press conference for the 2015 edition of NOTP in Antwerp and Rotterdam. We can assure all the fans: a lot of work is done and the result will be a convincing show!


Thank you, Carl and hello new changes!

A few days ago, we heard the news that our favorite Night of the Proms host, Carl Huybrechts, won’t be hosting the 30th edition of the Proms. Next to other new elements in the show (e.g. the conductor) this is one of the main changes. So, no Carl to be our MC… That will surely be a downfall for many of us.

From the first NOTP concert in 1985, thirty years ago, till last year, Carl was the MC in Antwerp and in the Netherlands, but also in many abroad, in Europe and especially during the American tour, in 2014. Without many troubles he was host of the public in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English.


German names for the Proms

We have just heard some of the fantastical names for the Proms. Scala and the Kolacny Brothers will perform in Germany, just like in Antwerp. A second artist is the
beautiful John Miles.
He will be there in Germany and take his Music to yet another level!
Johannes Oerding is a German singer song writer. He has performed in shows of Joe Cocker, The Scorpions, Simply Red and many more. But the biggest name of all will probably be The Beach Boys!
This band started in the early sixties, but is still popular with some great songs. “I Get Around”, “Surfin’ USA”,
“California Girls” and ofcourse, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and
“Good Vibrations”. This band has a lot of superb songs to choose from. What will they bring to Germany? We can hardly wait…


Shows in Lodz, Poland - Spectacular show with well known artists

A few days ago, on the 21st of March, there was the latest NotP show in Lodz, Poland.

For the true fans amongst us, it was without any doubt a show with some well known artists: Kim Wild, Mark King, Katie Melua, Tony Henry, John Miles, Il Novecento and of course Fine Fleur. The local touch was added thanks to Grzegorz Skawinski of the rock band Kombii and Rafał Brzozowski.

Below you can find some image form that show and also the playlist is available on the website. Based on the articles we've found so far in the press, it was a spectacular show. But who expected otherwise with a programm like that? We're already getting anxious for the announcement for the fall shows!


No US Tour this year - Lineup for Poland 2015

During the NotP shows in Antwerp, a tour of around 40 shows for the US was announced. During a radio interview earlier this week, Jan explained that due to organisational reasons, the tour of 2015 in the US will not take place. They rather create a tour that is worthy for the brand NotP, and we as fans can't disagree.
So, for the US, it's all eyes on 2016.


A short review of the NOTP Germany

The Night of the Proms is a fantastic series of concerts. Starting in Antwerp we move to the Netherlands and then to Germany. And here our story begins...with Madeline Juno, who is only 19 years old, but a well-known star in Germany. Her first single Error was only published in 2013, but she’s made it to top-status in only a couple of years. Her performance was really nice.

The next on the star list is Katie Melua, 30 years old. People were very thrilled to see her perform and she did a good set. We understand why she was invited to the Proms: she’s great!

Marlon Roudette is a British singer who plays a combination of pop and reggae. This performance was really rocking:
the audience sang along with every song. What a show!



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