Charlie Siem: Sound and Vision

The classical artist for the fall shows of 2010 is Charlie Siem, the 24 year old violin virtuoso with a Norwegian father and a British mother. In Belgium, is rather unknown but in the UK they describe him as 'the UK's hottest violin sensation.'
Musically, he is indeed a sensation; technically he'll be able to handle anything as can be seen from the list of composers whose pieces he played recently during shows: Paganini, Elgar, Sjostakovitsj, Grieg, Beethoven, Bach, Schuman, Brahms, etc...
As an introduction, listen to him and his violin on YouTube; or watch the interview of the end of 2008 with the Norwegian television and also meet his home and his dogs Henry and George. Charlie2
Charlie3 As a virtuoso fits, he started playing the violin from this third birthday, graduated at the Guildhall School of Music, and later also at the Royal College of Music lead by Itzhak Rashkovsky. In 2008, he finished his music studies in Cambridge. Since then, he performs on music festivals and tours, especially in the UK, but also in Poland, New York, Switzerland and Norway. The reviews that are available, sound very promising, also with the ease he plays the most difficult pieces. Like a British journalist of the Yorkshire Post wrote: ‘Charlie Siem played Bruch's First Violin Concerto as easily as if it were some trifle to be touted round a Prague restaurant by a gypsy violinist’ or in other words: for him, it was a piece of cake.
Charlie4 So, Charlie Siem is the musical hit for the Proms shows. And not only for the music as it seemed. About him they wrote: 'He's a musician with more than a G-string to his bow...' but is has to be said that the young man is very, very good looking; he's also registered as a model with Select Model Management and posed already for Bryan Adams (he not only a music artist but also a photographer) for the Italian Vogue. It means that he pleases his audience in other ways than only musically. So, sound and vision.
Charlie5 How can we capture this for the NOTP shows? Around the internet you can find the same story, which tells you his career is directed very thoroughly. Isn't the man that always seems to pose and looks like a British prince in his costume too boring and annoying? He once was pointed out as 'the Byronic man' which isn't really a quality. So it pleased him to bring his quality contribution to the very fun Black Cabsessions, or to hear him play Michael Jackson's 'Beat it' , or to see him in a special outfit on the catwalk. With the photographer Bryan Adams, he played during the Peace One Day Gala of 2008. Ok, Charlie Siem seems very ready to handle the mix of classic and pop during the Night of the Proms shows of 2010.
Charlie plays a violin borrowed from the Elderberry Foundation, a priceless instrument, build in 1735 by Guarnerius del Jesu, played by Yehudi Menuhin in the second half of his career; the story goes that the owner at that time had to arraign Menuhin to get his instrument back... That they can trust such a wonderful instrument to Charlie Siem, is a clear sign of the trust in his qualities. He also stated: ‘I think my violin is a woman. Not a submissive one but very powerful, so I have the utmost respect for her. We’re a good team’. Charlie6
Charlie7 At the end of 2007, he recorded his first CD with violin sonatas of Elgar and Grieg, and his year he'll probably releases a second CD, possible with some movie themes.
Making a comparison between Charlie Siem and David Garrett (NOTP 2002) is too early; they seem to different. But who knows, If Franck van der Heijden takes him under his wings, Night of the Proms might mean a big leap in Charlie Siem’s career.


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