Relevant NOTP Links

On the internet, you can find a lot of references to Night of the Proms. To our modest opinion, the following links are the most relevant.

The home page of the organization of Night of the Proms

The weblog of the main organizer Jan Vereecken

The NOTP fan page by Stephan (in German)

The weblog of Karen (German organizer)

The tourbook of Mike (in German)

Tickets for the editions you can by through
Tele TicketService

The webpage of the choir Fine Fleur is not completly up to date

Il Novecento is standing central in the music and the editions; cool website

Without the conductor Robert Groslot, Night of the Proms wouldn't be what it is now; and his beautiful website may be seen and heard!

Mister Proms! John Miles! This website is not always up to date and you need some good glasses!

Night of the Proms on Wikipedia


Irrelevant links

Skynet made a file in 2008 that exists of 12 photo's with some comment; is not anymore on line.

The first fan page was ... French and was made by Nicolas Maille; due to professional reasons he could no longer maintain his website ans it's no  longer online.

A very enthusiastic Alan Parsons fan made a website for the special NOTP edition in Saarbrücken (Duitsland) on the 25th of July 1999; the website is not on line, but some videos can be found on Youtube.