German names for the Proms

We have just heard some of the fantastical names for the Proms. Scala and the Kolacny Brothers will perform in Germany, just like in Antwerp. A second artist is the
beautiful John Miles.
He will be there in Germany and take his Music to yet another level!
Johannes Oerding is a German singer song writer. He has performed in shows of Joe Cocker, The Scorpions, Simply Red and many more. But the biggest name of all will probably be The Beach Boys!
This band started in the early sixties, but is still popular with some great songs. “I Get Around”, “Surfin’ USA”,
“California Girls” and ofcourse, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and
“Good Vibrations”. This band has a lot of superb songs to choose from. What will they bring to Germany? We can hardly wait…