Thank you, Carl and hello new changes!

A few days ago, we heard the news that our favorite Night of the Proms host, Carl Huybrechts, won’t be hosting the 30th edition of the Proms. Next to other new elements in the show (e.g. the conductor) this is one of the main changes. So, no Carl to be our MC… That will surely be a downfall for many of us.

From the first NOTP concert in 1985, thirty years ago, till last year, Carl was the MC in Antwerp and in the Netherlands, but also in many abroad, in Europe and especially during the American tour, in 2014. Without many troubles he was host of the public in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English.

But besides his performance on stage, Carl was also a host to many of the artists. He made them feel welcome and was always there for them. We say what many think: thank you, Carl, for all those wonderful years. We’ll see each other in Antwerp! And don’t tell me you won’t come …

And now the future. Night of the Proms is looking for a new MC in Antwerp! We have no idea what is the profile of the man/woman Jan is looking for; but for sure, it will a tough job, it won’t be easy to change from Carl to someone else. A first and gigantic requirement: humour. Without humour you can’t be a good MC in Antwerp. The Antwerp audience needs a good laugh from time to time. Carl has proven this many times. A couple of videos to give you an idea.

 A second requirement: be a decent link between the audience and the artists. Don’t try to be the popular guy, but listen to the audience, make it curious about the artists and tell the audience some interesting facts.

Jan, it’s up to you now to find a new MC. Good luck!

Next to this news we also received extra changes. We might not have a Carl Huybrechts, but we’re pleased we still have the one and only John Miles. We all know him from his many performances during the Proms and on this 30th birthday, John will also be there.

Backing vocals Liv Van AelstHille Bemelmans and Marjolein Cneut are also one of the changes. We are going to miss the three beautiful ladies… Off course there are new backing vocals. May we present you the Pretty Vanillas. ( Michelle Oudeman, Rob de Nijs and Julia van de Ketterij are three Dutch people that form this trio of backings.

The last change that we can tell you, is the newest headliner. We are thrilled and excited to finally see Natalie Imbruglia. This British-Australian singer became famous with her role in the tv series Neighbours. After leaving the program she covered the song “Torn” and that was a massive hit all around the world. One of the best videos there is from this song, is where comedian David Armand mimics the song while Natalie sings it. Beautiful. In July this year her latest album “Male” was released. In the late nineties she won many awards like Best Female Artist, International Solo Artist and Single Of The Year.

All these changes and such wonderful artist… This is going to be a birthday edition to remember!